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Victory Elements Oil Well Completion Technologies


Novel Dissolvable Frac Balls from Victory Elements
Dissolvable Frac Balls

Our revolutionary technologies create fully dissolvable, non-metal, eco-friendly, water-soluable frac balls.  Compatible with both plug-and-perf and sliding sleeve systems.

Novel Hollow Delivery Balls from VE
Fillable Delivery Balls

These hollow delivery balls are durable, yet dissolvable.  Pinpoint your target area within the well and reliably deliver fluids and other materials to the target.

Frac Sand Coatings from Victory Elements
Frac Sand Coatings

Give in-basin sand properties and characteristics of more expensive sands.  Our coatings and coating systems can be installed and applied on-site.

Oil Well Completion Products from Victory Elements
Other Products

Completion fluids, wax mitigation, dust-control coating, dissolvable rubber parts, and several other products to help you compete at a higher level.



Victory Elements Logo

Victory Elements has developed novel dissolvable frac tools as well as industry-disrupting frac sand coating for the oil and gas industry.  Our system relies on proprietary non-metal chemistries, casting techniques, and rubber formulations.  Our products developed include solid balls, hollow balls, rubber, coatings, and well treatments.  The overarching system goals we have set for ourselves are to maximize client revenue by expediting well completion and production and minimizing associated costs for equipment and supplies.  Use Victory Elements products to send your productivity and profits above the rest!




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